If you’ve been watching the news lately, you’ll have seen the reports about Iran having developed the world’s fastest underwater missile. I began to wonder about this and did some research. I was aware of Iran’s dependence on Russia concerning it’s military strength and wondered how they would get this kind of technology to develop this missile. I was also very aware that Iran’s new President, Mahmud Ahmadinejad, is insane.

So I looked up the information that Iran is putting forth concerning this new missile and went to the Al Jazeera Newspaper. There, the deputy head of the Revolutionary Guards' navy of Iran reports that this new missile is the fastest in the world and three or four times faster than a torpedo, traveling at a speed of 223 mph or 358 kph.

From there I looked up the current record holder. That record is held by the Russians. In 1995 it was revealed that Russia had developed an exceptionally high-speed unguided underwater missile which has no equivalent in the West. Code-named the Shkval (Squall). The VA-111 Shkval has a range of about 7,500 yards. The weapon clears the tube at fifty knots, upon which its rocket fires, propelling the missile through the water at 230 mph or 360 kph. Though it was revealed in 1995 it had actually been developed in the late 1970’s.

Now that should make you think. Iran’s new missile isn’t the fastest it only goes 223 mph where the Shkval goes 230 mph. Also, knowing the close relationship that Iran has with Russia, it’s very likely that it’s the same missile or at least their copy of one they bought from Russia. If the later is true, they didn’t do a good job in copying it as it is even slower then the original. This is old technology, almost 30 year old technology and Iran is redressing it as if it’s something new.

Why doesn’t America hold this record? Why aren’t we developing an underwater missile that’s even faster? Because we don’t need it. We have other superior weapons that make this kind of warfare obsolete. That’s also why the Russians aren’t still developing this type of weapon. It’s pointless.

But the Iranians being able to produce nuclear weapons, that’s a different story. Unlike most Messianics, I’m glad that Iranian President, Mahmud Ahmadinejad, has targeted Israel with his rhetoric. By making his agenda so public, it’ll make it that much easier in International (specifically U.S.) eyes when they go into Iran and destroy their reactors.

What can the Americans say when Israel takes them out, just as they did to Iraq in 1981 when they flew in 2 jets into Iraqi air space and destroyed their two French built reactors near Baghdad. Israel won’t allow any Arab country to obtain nukes, it would mean immanent death to them. If America stepped forward and decided to go to war with Iran first, Israel would let them and try to help in anyway they could.
I feel bad for many of the Iranian people. They don’t agree with their fanatical leader and his crazy ideas and suicide bombing schools. As far as his suicide bombing school… I’d like to see him lead by example.

Rabbi Stanley
Iran’s “fastest underwater missile in the world” myth.
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Anonymous: Interesting. I like the work and reasoning. Good job.

Thanks, I try to put a lot of thought and research into my articles. Nice to be appreciated.
Rabbi Stanley

I,m not b orn jewish but I love the people and have never put them down.I always say what if what I have been taught is wrong.I just want to do to heaven and be able to walk with jesus.I alway liked the scripture that says there is one body but many parts.thers alot of things I don,t understand.but I hate it when one church puts another one down.I love them all.I,m 77 and have never hated anyone who looks different then me.or talks different then me.I,ve always wanted to visit a jewish church,but didn,t want them to feel I was just spying on them.I always wondered what they dressed in black and had long hair but it didn,t bother me. I,ve had back problems for twenty years.after moving some new chairs my back was hurting so bad it was all I could do to walk,My wife is handi capped and totolly dependment on me.I went into my chat room two nights ago and hate them to pray for me.  I was totally healed.first time in 20 years I was pain free.I know GOD answered our prayers.I know you use a different names then I do but so what.I love the lord the same as you do.he knows who we are calling to.I got a jewish friend who puts me down if I call GOD or JESUS a different name then me.I can tell him now he is wrong.LOVE you brother.I hope calling you brother is ok.           

Shalom Joseph,
You sound like a good man with a humble and loving heart. But let me submit a couple things to you if you don't mind...
First, I'm glad you love the Jewish people.  I believe one can not truly love Yeshua if they don't love the Jews. That being said, let's go point by point. There are different personality types in the world today. Some are gentle and wouldn't hurt a fly. My wife is this way and I think you are too. My wife doesn't like to raise her voice against anyone and believes that any bad deed done to her should be returned with love. She takes Scriptures such as "love your enemy" very seriously and she lives them out in her life. I think this is fine for her. But it's not fine for me. I am a different personality type. I believe in war, fighting against bad doctrine and capital punishment. I will do whatever I can within a Biblical range to expose frauds and hypocrites... it is one of my missions in life. Even though my wife stands behind me on these things, it's not her main purpose to seek them out. If I find a Church who is preaching false doctrine intentionally, I put them down and rake them over the coals. Now, some may say that I'm not showing the "love of Jesus". However, I find Yeshua in Scripture doing exactly the same thing even calling some bad eggs "snakes and vipers". Some will say, "well, that's Jesus He can do that but we should not." Really? Isn't Jesus our perfect example? You can't have it both ways.

So my wife has the personality type of someone like Mary, the mother of Yeshua where I have the personality type of someone like King David. I'm the warrior type and I don't love everybody...that's ok too.  G-d doesn't love everyone either. In both the Old Testament AND the New Testament G-d says he hated Esau. Some try to get around this and say that G-d meant to say that He hated Esau's sin. But that's not what it says and G-d doesn't have a problem saying what He means. Yeshua put down many people when He was here on earth and He didn't love everybody either.

Now here's the kind of people I really don't like.... those who say we should love everyone and if you don't love everyone they get so angry at you they want to rip your head off. Not only that, they put you down and call you the anti-christ. They're the ones who say "Judge not lest ye be judged" while they are in the midst of judging you Those kind of people are the most hypocritical people I know. I do judge people but I judge them righteously. Paul said a "Spiritual person judges ALL things". These idiots will judge me for judging them. And yes I do call some people "idiots". I'd rather be called an idiot then a snake anyday. A snake type person has full knowledge of the evil they are doing, and an idiot may or may not.I believe you and my wife are not this type of person. I think you show genuine love and humility, I appreciate that.

So I don't jump down the throats of those who want to love everyone or don't want any harm to come to anyone on the face of the planet unless they try to tell me I have to be that way or they think that they are closer to G-d because of their personality trait. There are also those who fight against their own personality trait. They are the warrior type but think they are supposed to be the opposite because they think that's more the way Yeshua was and is. These people have a constant struggle within themselves and they always disappoint themselves because they think they are failing G-d.

Now, sure there are traits that both sides need to develop and work on. Those who "Love" all the time need to develop some backbone and wisdom so they can understand the whole nature of G-d. Those who are warriors need to develop some understanding and patience so they are not so quick on the draw. This is what Scripture is talking about concerning the "whole council of G-d".

As far as your idea concerning correct names for G-d, I agree with your friend. Names are important. Let me take it to an extreme to prove my point. Is it ok to call G-d "Satan"? No, of course not! So we have to be careful of what we call Him. We can not call Him Allah either that is a name of a demon. I don't believe we should call him "Jesus" either because Jesus comes from the Greek  "Iesous". Iesous means "Hail Zeus". Zeus was the chief god of the Greek Pantheon. His name is Yeshua. He does have other Biblical names such as Immanuel and there are other names for G-d such as HaShem (The Name). Now there are some out there who we call the "Sacred Namers" and they go too far with this whole concept and think if you call Yeshua "Jesus" that you are going to hell. I don't believe that if your intentions are right. But good intentions can not be an excuse to continue in error of any kind once you've heard the truth. Once you've heard the truth then you become responsible for that knowledge just as you are now.

Ok, I hope this helps and may HaShem bless you.
Rabbi Stanley